Budge Studios presents Winx Club: Rocks the World, a new magical experience! The Winx fairies need YOUR help to spread magic across all the worlds of the Magic Dimension and make their shows more fantastic than ever! Unlock cool rewards to make exciting tour posters, and rock out to Winx Club songs along the way!


  • Play as your favorite fairy: Bloom, Tecna, Musa, Flora, Stella or Aisha!
  • Catch as many musical notes as you can to unlock content for the Poster Maker!
  • Collect 3 pairs of wings to transform into a Sirenix fairy and FLY!
  • Make cool concert posters with tons of backgrounds, stickers, and paint colors to choose from!
  • Save your posters and share them with friends!
  • Simple gameplay - tilt to move and touch to jump/fly
  • Features songs and artwork from the popular TV series

How do I play the music minigame? Once you've chosen a level to play in the main menu, playing the music minigame is as simple as tilting the device left and right to move your character, and tapping to jump. Collect three pairs of wings to transform your Winx. Once transformed, holding your finger down will make your character fly. Different notes are worth different amounts - collect as many as you can to unlock a cool new reward to use in the Poster Maker!

How do I make posters? To make posters, simply select the Poster Maker from the main menu. Backgrounds and stickers can be unlocked by playing the music minigame (either through the main menu, or by tapping the locked content in the Poster Maker). Drag items from the Poster Maker tray onto the canvas to use them. Once stickers are on the canvas, they can be scaled by pinching two fingers, rotated by twisting your fingers, and moved by dragging them. To remove stickers, just drag them back into the tray. Once you're done with the poster, tap the confirmation button, and you can save it or share it!

How do I prevent my child from making purchases without me? You can put restrictions on in-app purchases by going into your device's Settings > General > Restrictions. For more information on how to do this, please visit and search for "Restrictions".

I have an issue, how can I contact Budge support? For any questions or technical support, email us at