Budge Studios™ presents Strawberry Shortcake Candy Garden! Strawberry Shortcake needs your help to create the sweetest garden ever! Plant your favorite treats, from berrylicious donuts to fruitastic candies, and watch them blossom as you add water and sunshine. Harvest your treats to complete the characters’ wishes and receive berry-ific rewards to decorate your scrumptious garden!


  • Create your berry own special garden
  • Plant from a selection of 13 berrylicious candy treats
  • Mix your treats with 7 fruitastic flavors
  • Help your garden blossom as you add water and sunlight
  • Decorate your treats with sweet sprinkles
  • Harvest your treats to complete the characters’ wishes and earn rewards
  • Tend to your garden by removing growing weeds and disruptive moles
  • Decorate your garden with berry-ific items

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