Crayola Nail Party!

Budge Studios™ presents Crayola Nail Party! Now you can create the ultimate manicure for yourself and your friends. Choose from a variety of fab nail polishes, patterns, glitter, stickers, and gems. You can even design your own nails!


  • Create super stylish nail designs - even on your own hands!
  • Select your favorite nail polish from a variety of Crayola colors
  • Dissolve polish with the cotton ball if you make a mistake
  • Add trendy patterns and use the slider to change color and size
  • Glam up your designs with glitter, stickers, and gems
  • Have a photo shoot and share your creations with friends

I have an issue, how can I contact Budge support? For any questions or technical support, email us at

Where can I find the nail designs? Go the Album in the Main menu or go to the Album in the Parents' Corner to access all of the sharing options.

Can I restore the packs I previously bought? Yes, Launch the app, tap on the Parents' Corner button>Settings>Restore Purchase. Type in your password and any previously purchased pack will be restored.

How do I prevent my child from making purchases without me? You can put restrictions on in-app purchases by going into your device's Settings > General > Restrictions. For more information on how to do this, please visit and search for "Restrictions".

Don't see an answer to your question here? email us.