Budge Studios™ presents Miss Hollywood Showtime! Miss Hollywood and her fabulously fiercetastic friends live in an animal shelter that has gotten a little run down. Just like fashion, Miss Hollywood knows that a little creativity can solve any problem! It’s time to help the pets compete in talent shows, and win prizes that will turn the shelter from glum to glam! It’s Showtime!


  • Perform in different pet talent show challenges
  • Show off your inner fashionista in pet dress-up show challenge!
  • Jump your way to prizes in the trampoline challenge!
  • Sing your heart our in the singing challenge!
  • Test your aim in the cannonball challenge!
  • Match what the judges request in the talent show to earn extra prizes!
  • Customize the pet shelter with over 60 decorative prizes!
  • Play with 5 pets, each with their own unique personality!


  • Miss Hollywood, the fashionista Chihuahua
  • Princess, the royal, white kitten
  • Hop, the hip-hop bunny
  • Daphne, the hippie Dachshund
  • Allie, the rock star black cat

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